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Portugal by Registered Mail (CTT): 3,50€ free over 55€
Portugal/Spain by MRW: 3,50€ free over 75€

Europe by Registered Mail: 6,90€ free over 120€
Rest of World by Registered Mail: 8,90€ free over 180€

International registered mail is uninsured and will be sent at the buyer's responsibility. Once we post the parcel to the address given by the buyer, the buyer is responsible for tracking the item, by checking his country of residence local postal website or contacting his local post office for any further information on the delivery. We cannot accept any responsibility for for delays in delivery caused by third parties, problems with tracking systems or items delayed in customs inspections. 

In some countries it may not be possible to track incoming registered mail (like USA).

It will be delivered and signed at delivery, but there is no online tracking system available. Clients must  contact their local Post Office  for further inquiries and be patient as international mail can take some time to be delivered.

Our delivery fees are constantly reviewed and updated. If you have any questions, please get in touch!

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