Sonny Angel Flower Gift Series Limited Collection


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This series features 6 new Angels (+ 2 secrets) in the form of a Sonny Angel Lion figure who comes to bring flowers and warm feelings. Guaranteed to be a new fan favourite!

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The Sonny Angel Lions offer the flowers while their manes are decorated with matching blossoms. The Sunflower, Daisy and Rose each have specific meanings of desire, hope and beauty respectively. Thus, you can use these mini figurines to convey your feelings of love and appreciation to the recipient.

Flowers are said to have healing properties. If you decorate your room with a Sonny Angel flower lion, it will brighten up the room and make you feel happy just by looking at it. There is also space at the top of each box to write a message.

Important: a Sonny Angel is always bought 'blind'. That is, you do not know which Angel you will get. They are (per series) all in the same boxes. So no one can see which Angel is in it. The idea is that the Angel chooses YOU, like a real good luck charm. Whichever variant you buy, you always buy a small guardian angel that you can take with you everywhere. He is only 7.5 cm high; small enough for a pocket or handbag.

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