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    This French brand has chosen its best pieces from the adults collection and brought them to the world of the little ones.
    Basic timeless pieces, stylish, confortable and  with superior quality.
    The result is the first American Vintage collection for kids!


    Fjällräven was founded over 50 years ago in Sweded, and focuses on outdoor equipamento. Among many other items, they produce the classic and iconic Kanken backpacks that come in a variety of sizes and colors and that has become everybody’s favorite backpack.


    This season Fresh Dinousars evokes the free spirit, the love for our planet and for all the human beings that surround us. It's time to pay more attention to the fact that we only have this planet and we have to protect it and treat it right. 

    The collection is full of beautiful and light colors. All their garments are 100% cotton and really soft and light weight. Perfect for Summer adventures! Designed and produced in SPAIN!


    Hundred Pieces is a French brand that makes clothes for kids and teens. The brand’s easy-to-wear, playful pieces are created using high-quality fabrics, cheeky prints and exceptional cuts. Big on style but at a reasonable price point, Hundred Pieces’ collections are made from the softest fabrics, such as velvet-finished cotton jersey and brushed cotton, which undergo special garment washes to make them extra soft and comfy to wear. Taking inspiration from music, sub-cultures and vintage leisurewear, Hundred Pieces are definitely among the coolest dudes in kids’ fashion. There are more than a hundred reasons why we love this brand, but if we had to pick just one it’s because they’re just so effortless and fun, and something that both kids and parents look great wearing. 


    Main Story is a British brand, featuring soft colors, contemporary prints and minimalist styles, in soft and organic fabrics. The brand’s concern is to create and design collections that amplify the importance of the arts, principles of good design and responsible clothing. All garments are made in Europe (mostly Portugal).


    Simplicity, functionality and minimalism are the key words that define this brand.

    Consisting on unisex basics with a soft touch and look sophisticated, their clothes are made for our small people that love to explore the world and to feel free to be just kids.

    All garments are made in Europe.


    Novesta is a brand from Slovakia created nearly 80 years ago. Over time, Novesta has become one of the best-loved and most popular brands throughout Europe. Novesta’s unique sneakers, which pair imaginative design with timeless sophistication, are a favorite around the world.


    Play Up is a Portuguese brand created by a family with a strong background in the textile industry. Each collection is the product of their greatest commitment: looking for the best materials, studying the designs very thoughtfully and following production closely. A very nice brand, affordable and great day-to-day clothes!


    Repose AMS is a Dutch brand that loves slow fashion, seeking to produce beautiful and timeless children’s wear. Comfort and design meet in a harmonious arrangement of colors, forms and textures. The collection is produced around the world, with many items now coming from Portugal!


    Salt-Water-Sandals produced classic flat sandals for women and children. The original Salt-Water Sandal is defined by its little way stitched rubber sole and plaited leather upper. All Salt-Waters come with rust proof buckles, can be worn in the water and can be handwashed with a gentle detergent.


    The Animals Observatory is the brand of Laia Aguilar, co-founder and Art Director of Bobo Choses during many years, and who decided to take her designs to the next level. Her brand is unique in style, more mature and very arty. Laia sees children’s fashion as an artistic tool through which she can express her own extraordinary world. The brand is produced in Spain and Portugal.


    The Campamento is brand from La Coruña in Spain, created with the hope of becoming a timeless brand. The Campamento means letting your creativity fly, having a serious commitment with fun and passion, loving our planet and seeing the world through the eyes of a child. The Campamento produces in Portugal.


    TINYCOTTONS is a brand from Barcelona, producing high quality clothes, made in Europe, eco-friendly, cute designs - clothes that everybody loves, from grandparents to kids!

  • VEJA

    VEJA is a French brand, created on the  idea of producing sneakers that are made differently through a positive & fair trade chain. The brand uses ecological materials like 100% organic cotton for the canvas or ecological fairtrade leather and wild rubber for the soles These environment-friendly sneakers and are a great addition in our shop! The brand produced in Brazil.


    Wynken is a unisex brand from London creating childrenswear from 2 to 12 years. The brand produces contemporary and creative clothing for modern kids with strong design and quality at its core that would appeal to both the young minds of the wearer and those of their parents.   

    The collections are produced in Portugal

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