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    The coolest folding crates arrived at our shop!

    Designed for creative home organizing and storage. Different sized crates for proper functional use and in a design that is easy to understand. Inspired by the ultra functional crates, often used in the food industry and supermarkets - here wrapped in stylish colours, which can fit in whereever you use them at home. Made from 100% recyclable food safe pp-plast, capable of going into the dishwasher for easy clean. Designed to fold completely flat, saving 75% of space when not in use.


    First Season in our shop!

    Bellerose is welll know Belgium brand that creates confortable and stylish clothes for Women and Men and also for children and teenagers!

    We have selected some special and cool pieces focused mainly in our teenager customers.

    They have a more developed taste and always look for something cool and different!

    We hope you enjoy our selection.

    Bellerose is produced in Portugal.


    Fjällräven was founded over 50 years ago in Sweded, and focuses on outdoor equipamento. Among many other items, they produce the classic and iconic Kanken backpacks that come in a variety of sizes and colors and that has become everybody’s favorite backpack.


    This season Fresh Dinousars evokes the free spirit, the love for our planet and for all the human beings that surround us. It's time to pay more attention to the fact that we only have this planet and we have to protect it and treat it right. 

    The collection is full of beautiful and light colors. All their garments are 100% cotton and really soft and light weight. Perfect for Summer adventures! Designed and produced in SPAIN!


    I Dig Denim is a small Swedish brand, founded in 2009 by designer Hanna Clavegård. All of I dig denim’s suppliers are members of BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) and follow REACH, the European Union’s regulations concerning the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals

    As most denim, the clothing is primarily produced in China under a continuous dialogue with all of suppliers to ensure that they are committed to the high standards expected in terms of working conditions and ethical responsibilities.


    Indikidual is a unisex kids wear brand for 0 to 9 year olds from the UK.

    The first indikidual print was the all over banana print, which since being launched in 2012 has become a continuing trend in print design.


    Kaleidoscope Conscious Kidswear is Portuguese brand from Oporto that has unique and special style : an eclectic brand created for the world, focusing on sustainable and conscious production - using environmentally friendly, high-quality materials - in a slightly classic style.


    Main Story UK is a British brand, featuring soft colors, contemporary prints and minimalist styles, in soft and organic fabrics. The brand’s concern is to create and design collections that amplify the importance of the arts, principles of good design and responsible clothing. All garments are made in Europe (mostly Portugal).


    Simplicity, functionality and minimalism are the key words that define this brand.

    Consisting on unisex basics with a soft touch and look sophisticated, their clothes are made for our small people that love to explore the world and to feel free to be just kids.

    All garments are made in Europe.

Showing 1 - 12 of 22 items

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